Dry Sisal and Seagrass cleaning in the Colchester area.

Dry compound carpet cleaning is ideal for Sisal, Seagrass and all natural fibre floorings.

A biodegradable absorbent powder and cleaning compound is used to absorb dirt and grime.
We use a specially designed cylindrical counter-rotating brushing system to ensure the compound is worked deep into the carpets or natural fibre flooring.

After allowing the compound to absorb the dirt and grime a high powered vacuum is then used to clean it all away. This leaves your carpet immediately clean, dry and fresh.

Dry compound carpet cleaning charges:

Lounge carpet (20x20ft max) only £75.

Dining room carpet (20x20ft max) £75.

Through lounge-dining area (20x40ft max) £95.

Hallway, staircase and landing £75.

Hallway carpet £35. Staircase £55. Landing £35.

Bedroom carpet (20x20ft max) £75.

Please call us today on 01206 521312 for full details.