Leather repairs in Colchester & Expert Leather Cleaning in the Essex area.

Are your leather furnishings showing signs of age or wear?

Is the surface cracking, peeling or begining to discolour

Do you have scratches, scrapes or tears in the leather

We can professionally repair, re colour and revive your leather furnishings. We have specialist leather technicians who will be pleased to clean, restore and offer you help and advice on maintaining your leather furnishings.

Our leather repair technicians will be pleased to visit and assess the condition of the item. We will provide a simple, no obligation quotation on having your leather, cleaned, nourished and that rich, leather aroma back or having any scratches, scrapes, stains, burns or tears on most kinds of leather or vinyl repaired.

Scratches and scrapes to your leather furniture can be repaired.

Leather Cleaning costs & charges:
Arm chairs & recliners £20 Two seat sofas £55 Three seat sofas £65 Four seater sofas are just £75 

(Minimum charge £45. We class the "seat" by each cushion where you sit. Some modern 3 seater sofas have just 2 cushions and therefore would only be charged as a 2 seater sofa).

Leather Repair:
Our experienced Colchester based leather repair technicians will be happy to pop round and quote for repairs or by viewing photos taken on a digital camera. Simply attach your photos to this Email Link along with a description of how the damage was caused and we will send your quote by email ASAP.

Please view our video below. They are from our technicians recent repairs.

Modern leather goods are not as robust or as well made as leather goods used to be.
We see very inferior quality leather, tanning and colouring on a daily basis. We also see quality leather items over 30-40 years old which are still in fantastic condition and that only need feeding and polishing.

Leather is commonly damaged by accidents including: Shampoo, detergent and general household cleaning product spills. Clients sometimes cause marks and blemishes themselves trying to clean off marks or stains.

Leather maintenance Top Tips:

Do mysterious scratches and scrapes appear on your sofa?
Most people blame the “studs” on jeans, kid’s or misuse but If you have loose cushions on your leather sofa check the cushions doesn't have a sharp end on the zip toggle. If it does they could damage the leather by scraping or scratching it. Use a little Blue Tack to cover the protruding area then dust with talc or use a small amount of Gaffa tape to "secretly" secure it.

Don’t clean leather with baby wipes:

Baby wipes may contain alcohol or similar "solvents" that may be fine on a baby’s bum but may damage the sealer-topcoat on your leather furniture.
Leather cleaning cloths supplied by many retailers may appear to be expensive at around £20 a tub but they won’t take off the topcoat and damage the sofa like a standard tub of baby wipes will.

Have you a spill or stain on your leather furniture? Mop up as much as possible of the spill and try not to “rub it in” using a soft cloth towel or kitchen roll but DON’T RUB!

Once you have absorbed all of the spill call us on 01206 805212 and we will try and talk you through cleaning the staining away before it has had time to set and become permanent.

Please call 01206 521312 Mobile 07554126719 From 8am-8pm Daily 

Email: contact@colchestercarpetcleaning.com
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