Colchester Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Tips: 

We recommend every home compiles a first aid kit for it's carpet and upholstery.

Contents of the kit: some mild detergent, table salt, white vinegar, a spoon, a white flannel or small white towel, white tissues, a pair of rubber gloves, bicarbonate of soda, nail varnish remover and a bottle of our pro stain remover. You may also require: a small pair of scissors, a craft knife, a glue gun, lemon juice, tomato ketchup, ice and a very heavy book.

We encourage our customers to phone us BEFORE attempting to remove any stain.
We will be more than happy to offer our assistance over the phone

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Synthetics and wool fibres absorb liquid spills quickly so fast action is necessary for your best chance of removing the stain.

Press absorbent white paper towel gently on the stain and repeat until no more moisture is absorbed.

Remove any solids using a spoon or blunt knife, working from the edge of the stain and as much as possible in the direction of the pile. The exception is latex paint, which solidifies on rubbing. Rinse with water while blotting up.

Never rub a stain always blot with a paper towel or white towel.

Try to remove residual stain with a little luke-warm water containing a small amount of washing up liquid and white vinegar. If water fails, the next step is using our stain removing spotter.

Colour Fastness: Always test the effect of the solvent by applying a few drops to an unseen area of the carpet and blot with a clean white tissue or paper towel.

We can and will remove most of the spots we encounter on your carpet.
However, keep in mind that some spots turn into ‘stains’. In these cases, the spots have changed the original colour of the carpet. These stains are most commonly caused by pet urine, vomit, grape juice, various medications and cleaning agents.

In cases like these carpet dyeing or having a the stain cut out and patching it with a new piece of carpet.

These are dark areas that develop gradually over time.
They are most commonly found along the perimeter of the room, along the walls, under floor-length carpets and under doors. The lines are caused by air currents passing through the carpet in these areas.

The air carries microscopic particles of dirt and soot. As they pass over the carpet, the soil particles settle and become embedded in the fibre yarns. The carpet, in essence, acts like a filter. Over time, these soils solidify. We have products created for just such circumstances.

When carpeting is installed, the carpet nap is laid in the same direction. Shading is normally found in high traffic areas, such as hallways, and is the result of multi-directional foot traffic, which forces the nap to lie in opposite directions.
When viewing the carpet in these areas, it looks either lighter or darker, depending on where you are standing. This condition is reversible and having your carpets deep steam cleaned and the pile restored will help.

When various household chemicals and bleaches are dripped onto the carpet and not immediately removed, some may lie dormant, not appearing until ‘activated’ by the carpet cleaning. Some of these chemical agents are acne medications, ammonia, and household cleaning agents containing bleach. Please notify the cleaning technician if you are aware of any spills of this nature.

Over time, carpet fabrics become worn or distorted to the degree that they no longer retain their original texture and shape. This is a physical change, the fibres sustain ‘scratches’, thus creating a dull/faded appearance and while our deep cleaning and grooming will improve a worn carpet to a degree, restoring it to a "new" appearance is not always possible, but will help.

While our ‘state of the art’ deep steam cleaning methods, coupled with a comprehensive deodorising and disinfecting products we will eliminate most minor odour problems, some odours (pet) thoroughly invade the carpet, underlay and in some instances, sub-flooring. We would recommend steam cleaning and sanitising as the best option.

You may notice waves or small ripples appearing in your carpet immediately following cleaning. The reasons for buckling vary.
If an installer does not power stretch your carpet or fails to do so properly, buckling is assured.
Improper carpet padding (too thick) can cause buckling.
The absorption of moisture or humidity will cause the carpet latex to expand, resulting in buckling. This will resolve itself, however, as humidity in the room returns to normal and the carpet dries.
Dragging heavy furniture across wall-to-wall carpeting will pull the carpet off the "gripper" strips, causing waves. Re-stretching is advised in this case.


1. Question: “How soon can I use my carpets after you clean them?”

ANSWER: The average drying time utilising; our steam cleaning method is approximately 2-3 hours. Please keep in mind that many factors play a role here: HUMIDITY, FIBRE TYPE, AND DEGREE OF TREATMENT involved in the cleaning process etc.

We pile brush all carpets after cleaning and recommend you stay off of any damp carpet while drying. If you must walk on freshly cleaned carpet, please do not wear shoes, white socks are recommended. 

2. Question: “How often should I have my carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned?”

ANSWER: Carpet cleaning frequency will depend on the usage of the particular room or piece of furniture. Carpets are a lot like car tyres, some wear out faster than others, depending on how they are used and cared for. Today, while soil removal and appearance are still a primary concern, cleaning for health is also a major factor.

We recommend either quarterly or semi-annual cleaning for more heavily used rooms/areas (family rooms, stairs, halls).

Yearly cleaning is normally satisfactory for lesser used rooms (bedrooms, spare rooms)

3. QUESTION: “After you clean my carpets, will they re-soil more quickly?”

ANSWER: With our state of the art extraction systems, we completely rinse out all remaining residue, either from household ‘DIY’ cleaning agents or detergents left behind by companies using outdated methods, such as shampooing alone.

4. QUESTION: “Can you guarantee that you will remove all of my stains?”

ANSWER: We at Colchester Carpet Cleaning guarantee you, our valued client, the most thorough and professional job available. Our state of the art equipment coupled with our extensive training, will still not be able to remove most some "stains" depending on the nature of the spill, some stains may indeed be permanent. We will conduct a pre-cleaning inspection and evaluate any existing conditions
at that time.

5. QUESTION: “How can I best care for my carpets and upholstery between cleaning?”

ANSWER: Regular vacuuming and quick spot and spill treatment can keep your carpets and furniture looking their best between professional cleaning. We encourage our valued customers to phone us BEFORE attempting to remove a questionable stain. We will be more than happy to offer our assistance over the phone.

6. QUESTION: “What services other than carpet steam cleaning does your company offer?”

ANSWER: We offer: Dry compound carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, leather cleaning, spot cleaning, carpet repairs, seam repairs, carpet dyeing and carpet stain removal.

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