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We can repair: Rips, tears, stains, seams, burns and all kinds of damage to carpets and flooring.
Before buying a new carpet or throwing out your old one, consider a third alternative: Carpet repair.
Our carpet repair technicians can determine which method of repair best suits your carpet’s needs and will be pleased to advise you on any DIY repair you are contemplating in taking on.

Call us or send an email with a picture & a description of the damage. We will be pleased to help.

Remember that your carpet is an expensive and wise investment as it increases the value of your house. So make the right choice and maintain the quality of your carpet with our repair & dyeing service.

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Burns and bald spot repairs to carpets:

If your carpet has a medium or deep pile then repairing a burn or small hole is very effective.



                        Before.                                                          After.

The repair above was carried out for a customer in Colchester who burnt a carpet and was leaving rented accommodation. Our client was liable to an inspection from his landlords on moving out with a possible loss of a huge security deposit. One hour later the carpet was repaired and the deposit returned.


This repair was performed on a carpet that had suffered a "scorch" mark following a fire.


This repair was carried out for a customer in Clacton who had a "bald spot" in her carpet.

The picture below shows what could happen if you leave a leaky mower on your carpet!



Please call 01206 521312 Mobile 07554126719 From 8am-8pm Daily

Carpet dyeing:

We can dye your carpet to repair "bleach spots" & small stained areas that cleaning will not remove. Examples are: chemical spills, permanent pen marks, gloss paint or varnish, rust and wood stain.
Dyeing a carpet is only suitable for small areas, spills etc.

Most carpet cleaners will give up trying to remove some stains and state they "are permanent" & that "nothing can be done" NOT TRUE. If you have a pink patch on your living rooms cream carpet following a spill of red wine and you don't want to "live with it" we can remove the colouring and re-colour and dye the patch to match the original colour.

Please note: We do not offer a carpet dyeing service for large areas or whole carpets or rugs.


Simply Email us photographs of your damaged carpets (please include a £1 coin in the picture near to the damage which we can use for perspective) and a brief description of how the damage was caused. We will examine your photos and suggest the best possible remedy and a quotation for carrying out any repair.

    Please call 01206 521312 Mobile 07554126719 From 8am-8pm Daily

All orders are subject to our terms and conditions.

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